Beer & Brains & Zombies

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Denver H3 Full Moon Zombie Hash


Admit it, deep down inside we all want a zombie apocalypse

2013 Zombie Hash and Zombie Ball

October 18th, 2013 – 7:00 pm


Pre-Lube: 6:00 at The IceHouse Tavern. The apocalypse is more manageable if you have a few beers first.

Hash Cash: FREE!, The IceHouse is paying for our beer in circle. Bring some extra scratch for pre-lube and the Zombie Ball (On-After)

Hares: Setting the trail this year will be in no particular order – God F**k the Queen, Pig Pimp, Cocktapussy and Pippi Dong Stalker

Zombie Ball: Stay for the On-After just to see the expressions on the faces of those who walk into a bar filled with beer drinking zombies. Plus, you wont be finished drinking and there will be more brains to consume.

Sponsored by:


Icehouse Tavern, 1801 Wyncoop st. Denver, CO




 Wear a helmet or whatever you need to do to protect your brain because the zombies will rise once again.

How does this run work?

We start out by gathering at a fine establishment (Icehouse Tavern).


Once we have a sufficient horde, we will take to the streets and alleys of downtown Denver in search of humans.


The  “humans” will be given a ten minute head start. They will mark a trail on the ground with a combination of flour and chalk. The horde of living dead will try to follow this trail and catch one or more of the livings.

Sometimes we catch a human and eat their brains.


Somewhere along the way we will stop for a beer.


At the end of the trail, both humans and zombies will gather together as friends for the Zombie Ball. Here we will drink beer, sing offensive songs and put aside our differences.


At the end of the night, the zombies are still going to eat the human’s brains.



As with all of our zombie runs, we will be stopping in some pubs and the Zombie Ball will be in a bar so over 21 only and bring your ID.

 sponsored by:

The Icehouse Tavern




As Usual, a good time was had by all at the 2012 Zombie Hash and Zombie Ball. Check out the pictures.

Zombie Pictures 2012

Watch Out! This guy will be there

2011 Zombie Apocalypse photos

“Death is just Nature’s way of saying try again.” -The Tick-

2010 Zombie Uprise: photos 

These sexy ladies will be there wanting you for your brains


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